Native Sands DDW

20180829_194500Meet Native Sands, a.k.a. Sandy!

Born: 2017
Sex: Mare
Breed: American Mustang
Discipline: Undetermined


Sandy is a BLM Mustang born in the Fallon BLM holding center out of a dam from the Triple B HMA in Nevada.  Sandy, like Mirage, was what “Mustangers” refer to as a “Three-striker”.  This means that she was made available for adoption at least three times and was passed over.  Nine times out of ten, this has nothing to do with a true flaw.  In Sandy’s case, we can assume it’s because she’s sorrell.  Despite her chrome, sorrells are pretty common, and that works to a horse’s disadvantage often.  We’re quite certain we won out big time to have stumbled onto her in the Bonner Springs, KS adoption event.  Her personality is a 10+.  From the first moment we spied her she was willing to be pet, and she’s super laid back and calm about everything.

She was in a pen with about ten other yearlings, and we were trying to decide whether she or Mirage would be Eclipse’s buddy.  Ultimately, it was her curiosity and demeanor that stole our hearts, and so we opted not to choose and to bring home three, not two.

The Future:

20180829_195229.jpgSandy has proven to be a super choice.  Of the three fillies, she is the most social and trusting.  She eats from our hands and will tolerate petting anywhere but down the face.  She and Eclipse vie for leader; Sandy will start out first, but Eclipse ends up in the lead.  Sandy has been with Mirage since birth, and these two are clearly bonded. Sandy looks out for Mirage and if Mirage wanders away, Sandy is prompt to bring her back.

The first major hurdle we have to overcome is gentling this girl down and getting her in a halter.  We refused neck jewelry on pick up; they are babies and babies do dumb things.  We’re pretty confident Sandy will take to haltering quickly, and from there, we’re nearly certain she’ll be the first to cooperate with leading, picking up her feet, loading in the trailer, being groomed, and some light lunge work.

At this time, Sandy remains on an “evaluation” status.  Whether her long-term future is on our farm or better served with someone else remains to be discovered.  We’re taking our time, getting to know her well, and seeing if a true bond develops.  Either way, we’re pretty certain she’s going to turn out to be very dependable and level-headed.