Mistwalker DDW

MistwalkerMeet Mistwalker, a.k.a. Misti!

Born: 2014
Sex: Mare
Breed: American Mustang
Discipline: Pleasure and Hunter / Jumper


Misti is an adopted BLM Mustang captured in 2016 from Adobe Town, Nevada.  We first saw her the day we picked up Dancer–she too was an Internet Auction horse.  However, the person who held the winning bid evidently didn’t have transportation or holding for her and refused Misti when she arrived in Sedalia.  A few months later, she was picked up for TIP Training and successfully completed that program, and we officially adopted her. We chose her at first, as a companion for our other mare.  But we chose her specifically because of her depth of bone, her nice and solid confirmation, and her relatively quiet nature.  That, and she has personality in excess.  She’s a water-baby and made a great showing of playing in the water all afternoon at the adoption event.

The Future:

1-19-18vMisti has shown a natural affinity toward jumping in her TIP Training–she’s not bothered by the prospect, didn’t hesitate beyond the original question of “What do I do with this thing in front of me?” and tucks super nicely.  She’s very smooth over low obstacles and we feel her overall way of going makes her a likely hunter candidate.

All that said, TIP Training is only basic gentling.  So we’ve a long way to go until Misti’s future can really be decided.  2018 will see her learning how to work on the ground as well as introducing the saddle and learning how to carry riders.

At this time, her breeding future is not being considered.  While she was chosen to have all the preferred aspects of what we look for in a broodmare, we are not planning on bringing foals back to the farm until all the other farm goals are achieved.  We do feel she will pair as nicely with Issus as she would Reynn (or any of the other boys), offering more bone to an Arabian pairing and maintaining bone on a Warmblood pairing.