DDW Issus

IssusSmallMeet Issus, our senior stallion!

Born: 2006
Sex: Stallion
Breed: Oldenburg / Swedish Warmblood
Discipline: Dressage


Issus is sired by Isos, a Swedish Warmblood sired by Briar 899 (two-time Olympic gold medalist), and out of our Oldenburg mare, Florian’s Fable (Agnes (Florian – SF x Cover Girl – Trak)).  He was born the same year as Garrett, and as a result, he’s suffered greatly from the “Mom Years”.  An eleven-year-old stallion with his breeding and way of going should never have been left to stand around.  Originally, he was intended to go through stallion training for approvals with the Swedish Warmblood Association and Oldenburg N.A. However, all those plans were backlogged with divorce and child rearing.  Such is life, and such is where we’re at.

Issus knows absolutely nothing, other than the very basics of horse life.  His best understood lesson is “Oh, that voice means come up and go to my stall for dinner!”  He sired our 2017 foal, Cardinal, and sired a couple other foals we sold in years previous.  While Issus is the spitting image of his dam, his offspring are the spitting image of him.  Oura is currently in foal to him for a 2018 foal, again.

The Future:

198468x1Oh, the goals are high for Issus.  But we must look at things one day at a time.  Given his age, we don’t want him to stand around any longer.  At the same time, we recognize that we have younger horses coming in that are a more logical investment of our time.  So we’re juggling things accordingly.

Ideally, we want to send him to our dear friend’s in late spring, where he can function away from his environment and build upon his rusty horse basics with round pen work while reinforcing some of those basics.  Our large arena is not conducive to working with an easily distractable stallion who is quite set in his lazy ways.  We’re also eyeballing potential trainers where he could go for intense training for 30-60 days.  We have a trainer we respect, but his background is different than the classical approaches we’d like to see Issus learn, so we’re weighing that option as well.

Once that has been achieved, we will bring him back home to work on building from there: walk, trot, canter on lunge, driving lines, bending on the ground, tack, and ultimately, the first ride.

This boy is made for dressage as much as he was bred for it.  His movement is full of suspension and very elastic, and while he has jumped an obstacle, he doesn’t care to.  He has power and grace as well as presence.  His current photograph shows him with an enormous hay belly, an underdeveloped hind end–all that needs to be built appropriately.  He is confirmationally correct just very, very out of shape.

We intend to finish up his registration with the AWS (he was presented as a foal and not judged as he stood by Momma and then stood still when Momma was shown–he didn’t move for anyone to score him on anything-laugh!), and, hopefully, have him inspected with the Swedish registry as well.

He will begin dressage training as part of his basic early saddle training, and from there we’ll see how it goes.  We’ll have to evaluate whether his lack of performance has helped (Ie no performance arthritis) or hindered (age-related) anything.

Breeding wise, foals are out of Issus’ immediate future.  At least those here on the farm.  We’ve not offered him to the public before, and we’re not certain we want to this coming year.  However, if the right mare was presented, we would discuss.  We are certainly pleased with his offspring. It’s just time for Issus to work, not time to invest in his bachelorhood.