DDW Issus

Meet Issus, our senior stallion! Born: 2006 Sex: Stallion Breed: Oldenburg / Swedish Warmblood Discipline: Dressage Background: Issus is sired by Isos, a Swedish Warmblood sired by Briar 899 (two-time Olympic gold medalist), and out of our Oldenburg mare, Florian’s Fable (Agnes (Florian – SF x Cover Girl – Trak)).  He was born the same … Continue reading DDW Issus

DDW Lil’ Abner

One of the first foal’s born on the farm, years ago, Lil’ Abner. Born: 2006 Sex: Stallion Breed:  Half-Arabian Discipline: Pleasure Background: Abner is the son of our beloved former Arabian stallion, Baariq, and a Colonial Spanish Mustang mare, Maggie.  He’s never been particularly agreeable about what the humans have in mind.  When he was … Continue reading DDW Lil’ Abner

Valraven’s Areion

Meet Areion, otherwise known as Arei (Are-e)! Born: 2003 Sex: Gelding Breed: Paint / Draft Discipline: Trails and Jumping Background: Areion (Are-e-on) was a PMU Foal.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term it stands for Pregnant Mare Urine, which means he was byproduct of mares who were kept bred for the hormones in … Continue reading Valraven’s Areion

Forget Me Not DDW

Welcome, Nonny, a delightful little pony who we adore to death. Born: 2013 Sex: Stallion Breed: Arabian / Oldenburg Discipline: Hunters, Dressage, and Pleasure Background: Nonny was born on the farm, sired by our 7/8 Arabian (Registered Half) stallion, Khemokaizee, and out of an Oldenburg mare.  On his fourth day of life, he went into … Continue reading Forget Me Not DDW

WTF Palamar

Meet, Palamar, otherwise known as “Moor”. Born: 2002 Sex: Gelding Breed:  Arabian Discipline: Pleasure and Dressage Background: Moor is one of the original members of our farm.  He was purchased in 2003, as a “black Arabian whose papers had been lost in a fire”.  When we arrived to pick him up, it was clear we’d … Continue reading WTF Palamar

DDW Cardinal Rule

Meet Cardinal, our 2017 foal by Issus. Born: 2017 Sex: Colt Breeding:  Half Arabian Discipline: Future Dressage Background: Cardinal began life as an orphan foal, and as such, Cardinal had an exciting first few weeks of existence!  He passed his IGG tests, thankfully, but he couldn’t keep warm, and so, he spent the first week … Continue reading DDW Cardinal Rule

Hesa Comet

Say hello to the visitors, Comet! Born: 2008 Sex: Gelding Breed:  Mustang / Thoroughbred Discipline: Unknown Background: Comet is the only offspring to our former stallion, Hesa Angel, and was the result of a test-breeding with our dear family friend’s Mustang mare.  As he was intended to be her horse, he was left to grow … Continue reading Hesa Comet

DDW Ourania

Meet Ourania, otherwise known as Oura (Oo-rah).  (Pictures forthcoming.) Born: 2007 Sex: Mare Breed: Arabian Discipline: Pleasure Background: Oura was born on our farm, a daughter of WDA Orion, out of a sweet Arab mare named Mookie (Kheme-o-keesha), who we lost to heart failure in 2016.  Again, she was born in the height of “Mom … Continue reading DDW Ourania

Wind Dancer DDW

Meet Wind Dancer, affectionately known as Dancer! Born: 2011 Sex: Gelding Breed: American Mustang Discipline: Dressage Background: Dancer was born and grew up on the Three Fingers Reserve in Oregon.  He was captured in 2016, in what we later learned was a rather controversial gathering.  In 2017 he was listed on the BLM’s Internet Auction … Continue reading Wind Dancer DDW

Mistwalker DDW

Meet Mistwalker, a.k.a. Misti! Born: 2014 Sex: Mare Breed: American Mustang Discipline: Pleasure and Hunter / Jumper Background: Misti is an adopted BLM Mustang captured in 2016 from Adobe Town, Nevada.  We first saw her the day we picked up Dancer–she too was an Internet Auction horse.  However, the person who held the winning bid … Continue reading Mistwalker DDW


Meet Ambassador, our “old pro” around the farm. (Pictures forthcoming) Born: 2006 Sex: Gelding Breed: American Saddlebred Discipline: Pleasure Background: Ambassador was born to a show facility and trained very early, to that end.  However, Saddlebreds dock tails to achieve the tail carriage desired.  Something didn’t go right with his procedure, his tail ended up … Continue reading Ambassador


Meet Reynn, the future of Ashgrove Farms! (All photographs courtesy of Castle Arabians.) Born: 2014 Sex: Stallion Breed: Arabian Discipline: Dressage Background: Reynn was born in Louisiana at Castle Arabians, sired by Kaldareyn, and out of a beloved mare.  Our understanding is that much was put into Reynn’s early survival as the mare had prolapsed … Continue reading Reynn

Basix – In Memorial

A friend never to be forgotten… Born: 1988 Sex: Gelding Breed: Arabian Discipline:  Everything I met Basix as a sixteen-year-old girl.  If you’ve read my journey, you know I’d been through three lessons, and my fourth was on this horse, also his first-ever lesson.  He was scraggly and scrawny, ribby, and out of condition when … Continue reading Basix – In Memorial

Lunar Eclipse DDW

Meet Lunar Eclipse, a.k.a. Eclipse! Born: 2017 Sex: Mare Breed: American Mustang Discipline: Undetermined Background: Eclipse is a BLM Mustang captured in 2017 from the Salt Wells Creek HMA in Wyoming.  Like Dancer and Misti, she was an internet auction horse (#4709), but we stumbled onto her after she had been refused by the winning … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse DDW

Elusive Mirage DDW

Meet Elusive Mirage, a.k.a. Mirage! Born: 2017 Sex: Mare Breed: American Mustang Discipline: Undetermined Background: Mirage is a BLM Mustang born in the Fallon, BLM holding center out of a dam from the Triple B HMA in Nevada.  Mirage was what “Mustangers” refer to as a “Three-striker”.  This means that she was made available for … Continue reading Elusive Mirage DDW

Native Sands DDW

Meet Native Sands, a.k.a. Sandy! Born: 2017 Sex: Mare Breed: American Mustang Discipline: Undetermined Background: Sandy is a BLM Mustang born in the Fallon BLM holding center out of a dam from the Triple B HMA in Nevada.  Sandy, like Mirage, was what “Mustangers” refer to as a “Three-striker”.  This means that she was made … Continue reading Native Sands DDW