“You don’t stand stallions, and you don’t have horses for sale–why are you here?”

Simply put, at this time, we’re not a business.  However, we are equestrians and we’re part of the equestrian community.  We love horses.  We love to ride.  We love, love, love to talk about horses.  And talking about horses is the primary reason we’re here.

Each member of the Ashgrove family is beginning, in many ways.  Claire is returning to riding after several years away from it and doing “Mom” things.  Garrett and Pierce are just beginning their experiences, transitioning now from horses being part of daily chores into an enjoyable past-time. All — all — our horses are embarking on learning how to be riding companions and, in some cases, competitors.  Some were introduced in younger years (before those “Mom things”), some are picking up new disciplines, some are learning humans won’t eat them.  Each has a unique story and journey ahead.

So when one is faced with exciting experiences, challenges, and no doubt, hurdles, what does one do?  One blogs!  Because somewhere in our equestrian community, someone else is working through something similar.  Someone has knowledge to share as well as someone can gain knowledge from us.

So get to know our horses, read our journey pages.  Drop us a line if you relate to something we’ve said.  We’d love to hear from you!