No Flirting Here!

20180829_195020Well today was a not-so-fun day on the farm.  Just before my three o’clock class, I decided Issus needed some turnout.  He’s been dealing with a reproductive injury since Spring, and has been on quite a bit of stall rest.  His previous routine was to go out in the pasture with the geldings and Abner, until Abner kicked him and caused the months of rehab.  The stallions’ paddock is currently where the girls are, although Issus has been allowed in the pasture with the geldings.  It was just him, so I tossed him out in the pasture, not particularly thinking about the fact that the hot wire is off for the wild fillies.  I watched him for a bit; he said hello to the girls very politely and didn’t seem to be in any particularly frisky mood, and I knew none of the girls were in season.  Off I went to class.

At 3:30 my phone begins to go off with a call from Garrett.  Only, I’m in a no-exceptions, no-phones class so I can’t answer.  To be completely honest, I figured it was sibling complaining which has been a habit of late.  At 4:45, when class let out, I returned his call.  He was in a mild state of panic because Eclipse, Mirage, and Sandy were in the pasture with Issus.  I calmed him down and he verified that Issus was not acting studly, and in the middle of things the girls started following him around.  I told him to stay calm, the girls come when they are called, and just get Issus put up and I’d be there in a few minutes.

Well… unfortunately, he can’t read my mind.  I came home to find Eclipse in a stall and Mirage and Sandy wandering around the old barn paddock, which is not where I want wild mustang fillies–the fence between our place and our neighbors is barbed wire and that could be disastrous if they tested it.  Issus was separated but in a tizzy now that he couldn’t get to the girls.  Garrett informed me after he hung up, Issus tried to be frisky with Sandy who told him NO with a kick.

The first job was to get the other two girls in the barn and Eclipse, who was pounding on the stall door, out of the stall.  After a bit of bribing with food, Sandy and Mirage finally consented to going inside the big, shady building, and we rolled the doors shut.  Garrett hurried to let Eclipse out with them so she wouldn’t hurt herself or the stall.  Then we coerced Issus into calming down and going in his stall in the other barn.  After, a quick check of the fence revealed what happened: evidently, Issus annoyed Mirage, who kicked down a section of the paddock fence–the superficial cut on her leg revealed it was her.  So fence repairs ensued.

I’m so grateful the girls come to “Girls!”  Otherwise, we’d have never gotten them in the paddock again.  But these girls are super sweet and have caught onto the program readily, and so, dinner-in-hand, I began the procession to their pen.  They followed more than willingly, Eclipse in the lead, followed by the Mirage and Sandy, inseparable duo.

Once they were tucked in where they belonged, it was time to check out Issus thoroughly…and that was no fun.  Once again, his penis was swollen, this time with a massive hematoma.  Having just gone through months of rehab so he could keep himself tucked inside his sheath, we wasted no time: cold hose therapy, Bute, and a call to the vet.  At ten o’clock , two hours after the initial vet call, his swelling had increased significantly, and we loaded up to go into the clinic.  They admitted him after once again stitching him into his sheath.  We’ll know more tomorrow.


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